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A Quick Look at uTorrent

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A Quick Look at uTorrent by

uTorrent is probably one of the most widely used BitTorrent clients around for two good reason – it’s free and very simple to use.

When you open uTorrent, you’re presented with the main window. The first thing you should do before downloading any torrents is have a look at the configuration settings. In Bandwidth, you can set a maximum download and upload rate so that uTorrent doesn’t hog all of your bandwidth. For most people, the default settings will be fine but if you do intend on surfing while using uTorrent, I’d recommend checking the download and upload limit boxes.

Back to main program window and you’re ready to start downloading. The main part of the window is taken up with the download dialog where you’ll see the torrents in progress. In the lower part of uTorrent’s interface you can see the details of the tracker, parts of the torrent other users are downloading and stats on the speed of downloads and more.

One nice little option in uTorrent is the ability to follow torrent RSS feeds. uTorrent can be set to check them automatically and download them using the Open URL button.

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    I use this downloader for downloading videos, movies. Its downloading speed is better as compare to other downloader. It also h... More

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