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uTorrent Connecting to Peers 0.0 Fix in 4 Easy Methods



uTorrent is a widely used application for file downloading both for Mac and Windows owners. No matter which system you use, one of the most annoying issues you can encounter is when the torrent client isn’t able to connect to peers. In other words, when the download gets stuck on 0.0 peers. There are a few reasons this happens, so each requires a specific solution.

utorrent connecting to peers 0.0 fix

The methods described in this article solve various issues, starting from the most spread to the least likely. That’s why you need to start applying them one by one until you find the fix.

Method 1: Check Firewall and Allow Port Mapping

Checking the firewall will ensure that nothing is blocking ingoing and outgoing traffic. Port mapping or forwarding can solve this problem. Just access the “Preferences” window in your uTorrent program, click “Connection,” and check all boxes except “Randomize” under the “Listening port” section.

uTorrent Connecting to Peers 0.0 Fix

Method 2: Run a test in uTorrent settings

The next source of the 0.0 peers issue could come from network configuration. The solution lies in the uTorrent Setup Guide. Access the window via Options > Setup Guide, mark the checkboxes near “Bandwidth” and “Network,” and click the “Run tests” button. This process will recommend changes to the system configuration. Click “Save and Close” to keep the results.

uTorrent Connecting to Peers 0.0 Fix

Method 3: Hide traffic from uTorrent

Your internet provider might have a specific attitude towards torrent file-sharing, blocking any peer-to-peer connection. A way around this issue is using BitTorrent protocol encryption. You can do that by accessing Options > Preferences > BitTorrent. Under the “Protocol Encryption” section, select “Enabled” from the drop-down menu and click “Ok.”

uTorrent Connecting to Peers 0.0 Fix

Method 4: Check your VPN server

If you’re using a VPN, the server might cause your problem. If all else fails, change the location you’re using and connect to a torrent-friendly one.

uTorrent Connecting to Peers 0.0 Fix

Other reasons

The torrent file having no seeds (being dead) or the torrent client being blocked might also create issues. If nothing works, search and download another torrent file or start using another torrent client.

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