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  • Is µTorrent legal?

    µTorrent is a legal software but downloading copyright materials without the authorization of the owner is illegal. These include files like music, video games and movies. Only open source files that have been authorized by the owners are allowed to be downloaded. Owning a copy of the copyright file is illegal.
  • Is µTorrent safe?

    Currently µTorrent is safe from any form of virus or malware, but some antivirus software might identify it as malware. Illegal copies of µTorrent are bundled with ransomware so it is important to download the original µTorrent. Suspicious files from unknown sources may contain viruses. Users must be aware that µTorrent promotes low-cost advertisers that could load questionable software and may eventually reach every subscribed account.
  • Can µTorrent be uninstalled?

    Downloading µTorrent will take some time. The software can be conventionally removed through the Add/Remove Program from the Control Panel of the computer. The next step is removing the remaining µTorrent registry by Registry Editor. Users may also resort on using a third-party uninstaller software if they are lost with the process.
  • What is seeding for µTorrent?

    Seeding is a process where the BitTorrent client are left open after completing a download. In this way the file is distributed across the community. Every file downloaded from µTorrent may eventually come from older seeds. Users also have the prerogative to stop the torrent. There is an ideal seed ratio of upload, around 1.00 download.
  • What is leecher for µTorrent?

    Leecher is a negative term for users who fail to share the file that they are downloading. µTorrent encourages users to share whatever files they are downloading. Leccher can sometimes be used interchangeably with another term “peer”. It is advised to avoid using “peer” when pertaining the leecher because “peer” means a user currently connected to a “swarm” or group of peers.
  • What does µTorrent do?

    µTorrent utilizes a peer-to-peer file sharing network with µTorrent-specific client and standard client. Files are distributed throughout the internet through clients and each of them enables file management. Starting a download requires an open peer with a running client within an instance. They make the file accessible but in pieces for everyone across the network, at the same time other computers share their own files.
  • Is µTorrent a good torrent service?

    Only few selected versions of µTorrent are good and safe for downloading torrent files, specifically version 2.2.The current version of µTorrent have some issues. Some users complain about over-consumption of system resource, bitcoin miner software, potential security exploits, constant logging of everything torrented from users and more.
  • How to download with µTorrent?

    Users open “Preferences”, then the “BitTorrent” tab, enable or force "Protocol Encryption", and apply the settings. They can now select any open torrent file on µTorrent website but they have to wait until the torrent is completed. It is a proper etiquette to leave the download for the generation of the shareable “seed” for others.
  • How is µTorrent compared to BitTorrent?

    µTorrent was officially purchased by BitTorrent in 2006. Regarding features and performance, BitTorrent utilizes Peer to Peer – P2P system while µTorrent is an open-source platform and supports mobile installation through a USB drive. Both of them have a very hefty subscription price in exchange for faster transfer rates, freedom from advertisements and added security.
  • 1What is Pro version?

    The Pro version of µTorrent has faster download speed, more intuitive navigation and more secure network access. Users are provided with better torrents, magnet links and even exclusive BitTorrent Bundles. The usage of bandwidth during torrenting is adjusted optimally. Videos and songs can be streamed live even the download is yet to be completed. Completed downloads meanwhile can be played offline on other platforms like mobile devices.


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