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How to Make uTorrent Stop Seeding After Downloading in 3 Easy Steps



uTorrent has served thousands of people for years as one of the leading torrenting programs on Windows, Mac, and Android. This software allows you to download files that other people are seeding. You can also choose to seed the files to make it easier for others to download them. Once a side note, you should know that these files are often pirated. 

How to Make uTorrent Stop Seeding After Downloading

You can simply remove the torrent from uTorrent when it’s finished downloading to prevent it from seeding, but this method can be pretty arduous because you’ll need to constantly check your torrents and remove them one by one when it’s done. By simply tweaking a few settings, you can stop all seeding automatically so that you don’t need to monitor the program. Without further ado, let’s begin!

Step 1: Access preferences

Open your uTorrent and click on Options, then Preferences.

Step 2: Select Bandwidth

Now click on Bandwidth and set the number of upload slots per torrent to zero.

Step 3: Open Queueing

Now select Queueing from the list on the right-hand side and ensure that the bottom four options are all set to zero. You will need to check the box under When uTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal to change that value to zero. When you’ve made all of the changes, select Apply, and your uTorrent won’t seed at all anymore.

Big Brother’s Watching

While these torrenting programs are fantastic in their own right, there are real consequences to downloading pirated files and spreading them on the internet. While preventing your uTorrent from seeding your downloaded files does mean that you aren’t assisting with the distribution of pirated files, you are still liable for anything that you download. With this in mind, it may be safer to simply subscribe to a streaming service or buy the movie or series you’re trying to download.

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