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  • Mac OS X

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Processor: Intel
Others: Mac OS X 10.5+
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Versions of uTorrent

All versions of uTorrent
Version License Language O.S.
uTorrent for Mac 1.8.6 build 36417 02/01/15 Free English
  • Mac OS X
uTorrent for Mac 1.7.13 build 36417 28/11/12 Free English
  • Mac OS X
uTorrent for Mac 1.5.14 build 36417 15/11/12 Free English
  • Mac OS X
uTorrent for Mac 1.5.11 build 36417 16/01/12 Free English
  • Mac OS X
uTorrent for Mac 1.0.2 build 36417 19/10/11 Free English
  • Mac OS X

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Super lightweight torrent client for Mac

Nick Mead

Recent changes

  • Fix: connection to private trackers
  • Fix: incorrect location of downloaded magnet torrents
  • Stability improvements

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Very easy to use
  • Free with no hidden nag screens
  • Allows you full control over torrents
  • Search tool isn't much use
  • RSS downloader and torrent wizard not available
  • No way to add and remove torrent components once it has started

Light, limitless and elegant - efficient torrent downloading.

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"Instable "

  • 3.0
  • 3.0
  • usability4
  • Stability1
  • Installation10
  • Functionality8
  • Appearance10

Easy to configure and use. Everything is automatic. But it is also very unstable. No crashed, but it stalls a few times a day.

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Gets cut off from the internet from time to time, where the rest of the computer works just fine online. All downloads suddenly becomes inactive for about an hour or more.
  • If "Downloads" is the default folder for finished downloads, uTorrent still SOMETIMES saves the finished downloads in a sub-folder to uTorrents own folder.

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13 Jul 2012

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  1. Super lightweight torrent client for Mac

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